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Summer 2016

Thursday 1st September 2016

Hello Bubble Pop Fans, Wow what a busy summer Bubble Pop has had! As it is the first day of Autumn today I thought I would reflect on Bubble Pop's successful Summer in today's Blog. Before the schools broke up I attended many school fairs, they were great fun and the children loved making the giant bubbles. I also got to go over to Kent and perform a show for a wonderful school down near Margate. I had an amazing weekend at Fishers Farm and was lucky enough to perform along side some great local performers in the area. Through out the Summer Holidays I have gone to some lovely special/ additional needs groups and loved performing at…

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Bubbles and wind!

Monday 4th July 2016

Hello Bubble Pop Fans, The wind debate is always one that is brought up at events. So I have decided to write a blog to explain the complications when it's far to windy. I go to many events, the ones I enjoy the most are indoors. The great British weather can sometimes make giant bubbles but on other days it can make it near on impossible to perform. The last two days I have had two events where the wind has been very strong! When children make the bubbles, it means they make loads with the bubble wands but they are small ones instead of the giant, eye catching bubbles that can be made in the correct conditions. When the weather is fine, even…

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How do I make my mixture??

Friday 10th June 2016

Good Evening Bubble Pop Fans, At all my events I go to, the main question I am asked is........ How do you make your mixture?? My reply is always, I have a magic mixture but if you like me on Facebook and send me a message I will send you across one that works just as well. All I can say about my magic mixture is it took many attempts and in my show I do use up to 4 or 5 different mixtures. I need a really strong mixture for my giant bubbles, lighter ones for my tricks and a watery one for my bubble machine. Some of my mixtures I can use for only 1 or 2 shows, where others I…

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Where it all began

Wednesday 1st June 2016

Hello Bubble Pop Fans, Many people ask me where it all began. So I thought I would write a blog to tell the story. Back in 2013 I went on holiday in Salou, Spain for my birthday. We decided as a family to visit PortAventura, their local theme park. We had a wonder few days exploring all the different areas in the park, enjoying all the rides including the highest roller coaster in Europe! Ones the Sun had set on our final night, staying in the park, we decided we wanted to see their amazing firework display! We had a bit of time to spare and so we went for a final wonder around the park. On our walk round we came across…

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