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Bubbles and wind!

Monday 4th July 2016

Hello Bubble Pop Fans,

The wind debate is always one that is brought up at events. So I have decided to write a blog to explain the complications when it's far to windy.

I go to many events, the ones I enjoy the most are indoors. The great British weather can sometimes make giant bubbles but on other days it can make it near on impossible to perform.

The last two days I have had two events where the wind has been very strong! When children make the bubbles, it means they make loads with the bubble wands but they are small ones instead of the giant, eye catching bubbles that can be made in the correct conditions.

When the weather is fine, even a little dampness in the air is the ideal conditions to make spectacular bubbles. The wind just catches the bubble and takes the control away. I prefer to make my own breeze by moving around with the bubble wand.

Also being out side means it is very rare that I can perform bubble tricks. The tricks need the bubbles to be still so I can add other bubbles and smoke to the bubbles depending on the trick I am performing.

So when I am asked the question 'you must like it when its windy' when I reply with a 'No' it's because I know what I can do with bubbles when the wind doesn't take away my control.

So when ever your making your own bubbles or planning to having Bubble Pop at your event, please think about the wind conditions as it could make a big difference to how the bubbles perform.

Thank you for reading:)