Terms & Conditions

Bubble Pop need a minimum 3m x 3.5m performing space.This area will be covered to protect the flooring (if party is inside) Please note this does not include space for the audience - No more than 30 children at a birthday party for safety reasons.

All substances used have COSHH safety data available. and there is a comprehensive risk assessment available.-Bubble Pop holds a £2 Million pound public liability insurance.

Malcolm Daniells has a current enhanced DBS check available to view/copy on request, or online

Bubble Pop requires that at least one responsible Adult over 18 years old, is present in the room with any persons under 18 at all times during the course of the show, setting up, or dismantling of equipment.

Bubble Pop provides various age appropriate sweets as prizes to children at birthday parties only, but will not be held responsible for any special dietary requirements, if not advised in advance. Bubble Pop must be informed if parents and/or guardians do not wish children to be given sweets, and prefer them to receive magic bubbles instead.

During the course of a Bubble Pop show or event it is likely that guests and participants, may get wet due to the nature of the show, and the bubble mixture used throughout. Bubble Pop will not be held responsible for clothing,or furnishings which may become wet, nor to compensate for any damage caused to same, however it is considered that the risk of this is minimal and every attempt will be made to protect the floor of the venue, and to ensure this does not occur. The Client is asked to ensure that any valuables or electrical items are as far as possible removed from the performance area for safety

Photography, Customers are welcome to take photographs of the show, but permission must be obtained from parents of minors before uploading or sharing on social media, or other online platforms. All photographs which are shared to Bubble Pops' Social Media sites may be used for marketing and publicity purposes.

A £50 deposit is required at the time of booking, This needs to be paid to confirm the booking. Bubble Pop request this in the first 2 weeks of booking.

The outstanding amount will be due on the day. Please note Bubble Pop only accept cash on the day. A receipt will be issued on payment.

Cancellations:- Deposit will be refunded, if cancelled no later than 28 days before the event.

Bookings may be postponed or brought forward for no additional charge, subject to availability.

Bubble Pop reserves the right to cancel/postpone a booking at any time, subject to circumstances changing, including inclement weather, deposit will be refunded in full, in such circumstances, with no other compensation to the client.

Punctuality- Bubble Pop will arrive in good time to set up and start the event as per the booking, however in the event of any unforeseen circumstances, you will be informed by telephone of the likelihood of late arrival. Where possible Bubble Pop will compensate for any late start due to such eventuality by running the show over the agreed start time where this is practical.

If Bubble Pop arrive at the venue and the client is not present, the show running time may have to be curtailed, or an additional charge may be made for the extra time incurred.

Bubble Pop requires an easily accessible electrical supply for all shows and parties, or if you wish the bubble machine to be included.

Bubble Pop suggests a fresh water supply is readily available to guests/children for hand washing purposes, following handling of the mixture.

Bubble Pop requires easy and nearby access to the venue to be able to set up all the equipment. (Reimbursement for any parking charges will additional)

Bubbles are by their nature, unpredictable and are at the whim of weather and temperature conditions. Bubble Pop cannot guarantee that all parts of the advertised performance will work on every occasion, but will attempt to ensure an enjoyable show by adapting the performance as far as possible to the conditions on the day.

Updated: June 2016.