Bubble Blogging

Summer 2016

Thursday 1st September 2016

Hello Bubble Pop Fans,

Wow what a busy summer Bubble Pop has had!

As it is the first day of Autumn today I thought I would reflect on Bubble Pop's successful Summer in today's Blog.

Before the schools broke up I attended many school fairs, they were great fun and the children loved making the giant bubbles. I also got to go over to Kent and perform a show for a wonderful school down near Margate.

I had an amazing weekend at Fishers Farm and was lucky enough to perform along side some great local performers in the area.

Through out the Summer Holidays I have gone to some lovely special/ additional needs groups and loved performing at every one. So PACSO, Chestnut Tree House and CCPS if your reading this, thank you very much for the bookings.

To finish the summer I went on a really long road trip up to Sunderland to help out another Bubble man. It was a great day performing at Dalton Park Shopping Mall.

Also not forgetting through out the summer performing at many Birthday Parties and enjoying everyone them.

Thank you to everyone who has booked me this summer, I have some amazing bookings coming up, including a Wedding, another special needs group, birthday parties and many more.

In the next few months I will be hopefully posting more videos and putting in plans to make Bubble Pop even bigger for 2017.

Thank you for all your support!