Bubbles are great fun and can be educational too! We can attend your setting for a Bubble science assembly, or we can run bubble workshops to teach children how to make giant bubbles, or perform bubble tricks! We also offer shows for all ages to enjoy, perfect for fun days or end of term celebrations!

Option 1 and 2 can be offered together at a discounted rate. Bubble Pop has linked the experience to the EYFS. It offers practitioners and teachers the chance to observe their children while they're having great fun with Bubbles!

Option 1

A school Assembly or Nursery show includes
How are bubbles made?
Why are bubbles round?
Smokey Bubbles
Go inside a bubble for the BIG finale.

Option 2

Giant fun bubble work shops
A class at a time come outside and participate in making giant bubbles
If on the day the weather is inclement then we set up inside and run a bubble workshop to teach children a couple of bubble tricks instead.

Option 3

Schools fairs - Bubble Pop is very popular at school fairs offering...
Making giant bubbles for a small fee
Going inside a bubble for a small fee